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Disma – Vault of Membros

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Beware the Dark Rider who wears the Brocas Helm

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Brocas Fucking Helm. Need I say more? I shouldn’t have to, but I will anyways because I love going on rants about how awesome Brocas Helm is. I can still remember the first time I laid ears on Ghost Story. I was skimming Manilla Road albums on youtube when I stumbled across Ghost Story by Brocas Helm. I was blown away by how tasty it was. The tastebuds in my ears tingled with joy at the gem I had uncovered.

Brocas Helm is some old school excellence hailing from the faraway land of California. Its been close to 30 years since they formed back in ’82. They’ve had three official releases over the years, amongst a series of demos and a live album.

Into Battle, their first release, is considered a classic by many. Personally I can’t get enough of Night Siege. METALS UNREAL IN THE MORNING! I would go far as to say its my favorite track of theirs next to  Children of the Nova Dawn, but we haven’t gotten to Defender of the Crown just yet. I suggest opening a new tab and searching Night Siege on youtube. You won’t be dissapointed.

Black Death was released in ’88. This album seemed to have better success than Into Battle. I say that from what I’ve gathered, I can’t speak for myself because I wasn’t born yet. Some of Brocas Helm’s most notable tracks are off of Black Death. Namely, Hell’s Whip and of course the title track. Both worth investigating hint hint.

Now for their legendary 2004 release… DEFENDER OF THE CROWN! This album is fanfuckingtasticly eargasmic. I highly suggest you jam to this from beginning to end. If you love old school heavy metal then you will be blown away immediately. The album starts off with Cry of the Banshee. I won’t even get into how great the bass lines are. Jim Schumacher is an outstanding bassist. If you aren’t going to listen to Defender of the Crown in its entirety, then at least make sure to check out Ghost Story and Children of the Nova Dawn. 

Its a shame how little attention this band gets considering how great they are. I consider myself lucky for being able to see them perform live. As far as I know it was the last show they’ve played to date and it was just surreal. I got to meet all three of them and had them sign my copy of Defender of the Crown. Bobbie was as nice as could be. We talked for a good while before they played their set.




Moral of the story: Check out this fucking band.

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Brocas Helm Reunion (Ragnarökkr 2012)

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Brocas Helm performing Cry of the Banshee in Joliet, Illinois

Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

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Today we’re going to have a little heart to heart about Tinnitus. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term, have you ever gone to a show and not worn ear plugs? Chances are you probably have. As you left the venue you probably noticed a ringing in your ears. That my friends, is Tinnitus. Now most of the time this ringing will only last a couple days. Maybe a week. But sometimes it lasts longer. Much longer. Permanent ringing of the ears is something I personally deal with.

It all started last November at a small death metal festival in Chicago. Me and two of my most trusted had made the drive to see the legendary Cianide. The show was fantastic. Anyways I was front row for the entire set and I didn’t wear any hearing protection. The venue was shitty, so my ears were fucked afterwards. I thought it no big deal, because I’ve learned to expect the ringing. It had always gone away after a few days. Well this time around it wasn’t going away. A few days went by, a week, a month. At this point I’m getting a little worried.

Mike Perun of Cianide and the Barbarian Hippo teaming up for a photo

I was having trouble sleeping. I had to sleep with a loud fan on to balance out the ringing so I could get some rest. And if that didn’t work I would have to take sleeping pills. Eventually I said enough is enough and did some investigating. Turns out there is no cure for Tinnitus. Tiny hairs in your ear canals will bend when put through enough stress (in my case a song called Desecration Storm) and there is no way to undo the damage. Apparently there are a handful of medications that claim to reduce Tinnitus, but I doubt they’re worth the money.

Moral of the story. ALWAYS WEAR EAR PLUGS. Seriously. A lot of people say they’re embarrassing, but then again a lot of people are fucking morons. Trust me you don’t want to live with Tinnitus. I’ll even link you some affordable ear plugs that won’t drown out the sound. Here’s what I use:

Don’t learn the hard way. Protect your hearing by wearing ear plugs to every show. If you forget them, most venues will either give you a free pair or sell you some for cheap. Mind you, they will probably be the foam ones.

Hippo out

Black Metal Wednesday (On Thursday!)

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Band of the Fortnight goes to… Moonblood

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On this day, September 4th,  I hereby deem Moonblood the recipient of the first ever “Band of the Fortnight” award. This is the highest honor a band could hope to achieve.

Here’s how it works. Every other Tuesday I will be posting the band I feel is deserving of the title. My choices could be picked from a number of metal sub-genres. This also extends to the band’s place in the space-time continuum.

Anyways, Moonblood. Down to business. I just got into Moonblood yesterday and have been blown away from what I’ve uncovered. I started off with their 1995 The Winter Falls Over the Land demo and listened to it in it’s entirety. From there I skimmed bits and pieces of their discography, noting particular fondness to Blut und Krieg.

Though they are now split up, Germany’s Moonblood is crucial listening as far as black metal interest goes. And if you haven’t heard of them, then at least I did you the favor of revealing such excellent music to you. Also, if you haven’t already then stop what you’re doing, open up a new tab, go to youtube, and jam to some Moonblood. If you need a good place to start then I suggest checking out a track of theirs titled, The Gates of Eternity. Its off of the demo I mentioned previously, The Winter Falls Over the Land.

Each song is unique of course, but Moonblood has a certain tone to their music. And I mean that aside from the fact that its traditional black metal so of course its going to sound cold and evil. I think a lot of it has to do with how Moonblood doesn’t overbear the listener with blast beats. Not that there’s anything wrong with blast beats, but its nice to hear something a little more groovy (yes I said groovy) from time to time.

On a final note I will say that Moonblood isn’t the most approachable of black metal acts, but its definitely not the most difficult to appreciate. Also I hope you end up liking what you hear.

Hippo out